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After assaulting a woman, an Edo police officer 'formerly affiliated to SARS' shoots and slaps citizens who approach him about it.

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image credit : Lindaikejisblog


When confronted, a trigger-happy cop was observed abusing a woman before shooting close to civilians.

Edo State Police officers are seen with several tourists they stopped by the roadside in a video that has gone viral.

"Enter inside my motor," one of the officers tells a female passenger after scolding her.

Another officer, reported to be from the now-defunct SARS, lunged at the woman and slapped her before she could comply.

A male voice can be heard imploring the officer who slapped the woman, "Officer, don't attempt that oh, don't try that."

This infuriated the officer even more, so he drew his gun and fired a shot just feet away from the woman.

The citizens were observed fleeing for their lives while other officers attempted to calm down the officer who fired the gun.

He refused to cool down and was observed punching a male civilian who chastised the other officers for failing to rein in the trigger-happy cop.

"Officer, you dey look am abi?" a man citizen said of the other officers.

"You dey mad?" the trigger-happy officer asked as he slapped him.

"It's all right now," the officer's coworkers assured him.

But he refused, telling one of his colleagues, "Oga, leave me," while threatening people with his rifle and screaming at them.

Nigerians have denounced the unwarranted display of power and harassment, and have demanded an investigation into the incident.

"The authorities aren't doing anything," stated activist Harrison Gwamishu of the event.


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