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Rapper NBA Youngboy's home struck by SWAT group, three captured and firearms seized

Summary who is NBA Youngboy, Rapper NBA Youngboy's home raided by SWAT, SWAT seized firearms and guns from NBA Youngboy's home


Rapper NBA Youngboy's Texas home was attacked by a SWAT group as the rapper's companions were captured and a few weapons seized.

NBA, whose genuine name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, claims the home which was looked.

The SWAT officials had a warrant to look through the home where the music craftsman's mom right now resides, as indicated by a Harris Country Sheriff's Office representative.

It is as of now obscure assuming that his mom was home when the assault occurred.

The guns which were seized by the SWAT group included AR-15s, guns and long firearms.

The men were captured on various charges from bothered theft to exasperated attack.

The representative for the sheriff's office, Thomas Gillian, let TMZ know that the captures were connected with the November shooting of a 20-year-elderly person.

Neither Gaulden nor his mom were captured notwithstanding. Police say the three men are partners of the rapper.

The man, who was shot a few times in the head and body, apparently made due and is presently out of clinic, said cops.

In October, the rapper was delivered on bond from government jail after police tracked down a firearm toward the rear of a vehicle he was driving.

NBA was delivered on $1.5 million bail subsequent to serving seven months and was condemned to pre-preliminary house capture in Utah, where his area was observed.

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