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Sylvester Oromoni: Autopsy result exonerates home masters and students in the murder of Sylvester Oromoni - Police

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The two autopsies performed on 11-year-old Dowen college student Sylvester Oromoni, according to Lagos State Commissioner of Police Hakeem Odumosu, did not establish that he was murdered.

According to the Vanguard, Odumosu stated in an interview that two autopsies were performed on Oromoni's body, both of which found no evidence of murder. He was quick to emphasize, however, that the investigation was still underway, and that a toxicology test on the corpse was one of the things that needed to be done.

"We haven't reached the pinnacle yet. However, we completed our investigation and sent the report to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for legal advice on those arrested, to which the DPP responded. We've gone over the medical part, which is the post-mortem examination.

In the states of Delta and Lagos, autopsies were performed. The first one, which took place in Delta State, was only witnessed by the deceased's parents.

The second post mortem was carried out in Lagos after I conducted a meeting with the parties involved, at the request and order of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and my Inspector-General of Police, IGP Alkali Usman Baba.

The body was transported from Delta State to Lagos, where a post-mortem examination was conducted with all parties involved, including the parents of the deceased, the parents of the accused children, the school administration, and the government. These were the four people who were present at the autopsy. And now we have the outcome.

The Post Mortem Report did not bring up the issue of murder against anyone.

Aside from the postmortem results, the court order we obtained has expired, and we have released the house master and others on bail because there was no evidence that they were guilty of murder.

It's just a murder case that can't be released on bail. Bail is available for any other offenses. They have been detained for more than twenty days, which is a violation of their basic human rights. Because medical and legal reports have not yet indicted them, I believe it is necessary to grant them their release, as bail is not the end of the matter.

On the body, a forensic test known as toxicology will be performed.

The Toxicology test, by the way, is to determine the substance that was reportedly shoved into the deceased's mouth and peeled his lips.

Toxicology tests have previously been performed in Nigeria, namely at the Lagos State Medical Facility on Lagos Island. However, following the EndSARS issue, it is being carried out outside of the country.

We won't know the final report until that one is effectively completed. But nothing in the interim report indicated murder," Odumosu stated.

Recall that the deceased, a Dowen College Junior Secondary School 2 boarder, was evacuated to his parent's home in Warri, Delta State, two months ago due to injuries he acquired after reportedly being attacked by some of his seniors. The suit was, however, dismissed by the institution. He was hurt during a football game, according to them. On November 30, he passed away.

The event prompted the police to launch an inquiry. Five pupils and three housemasters were arrested after Sylvester allegedly mentioned their names before passing. They have been released on bond, however.

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